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I posted this in for /Yrch cus he cant post in recruitment section for some reason.. i think permissions or something

Nickname/IGN (in game name): /Yrch
Country: USA
Ping on server(s): Under 100, 46 right now
Xfire(username): nerdsgonepro
What game(s) are you interested in joining NoBS| for? CoD4.
How many years have you been playing the above mentioned game(s)? Jan 2008?
Gaming style: [X] Rusher / [X] Support / [X] Sniper / [X] Defender (Camper)
Game time available: Random
Microphone: [X] Yes / [_] No
Are you able to donate monthly: [_] Yes / [X] No Im poor.
How did you find out about NoBS: No idea, Pre March 2008
Recruiter: DirtOne

poll is up!!

+1 ;), good player and fun to play with/against!!

Yrch is a friend and has been for a long time.. he was a regular on our old pubs and still around on our servers..



BUMP for admins!


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