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Nickname/IGN (in game name)::The KaHZ (Formerly Schneidy/Schneider)
Country: Colombia
Ping on server(s): 120-160
Age: 17
Xfire(username): begend
What game(s) are you interested in joining NoBS| for? CoD2
How many years have you been playing the above mentioned game(s)? 1-2 years
Gaming style: [X] Rusher / [X] Support / [X] Sniper / [_] Defender (Camper)
Game time available: Depending on college most likely after 16:00
Microphone: [X] Yes / [_] No
Are you able to donate monthly: [_] Yes / [X] No, sorry
How did you find out about NoBS: found the server some time ago in epc gaming
Recruiter: NoBS|Tekoss

Hey buddy,

Welcome to NoBS!!  ;D
Please put the NoBS| Tag in your xfire name and ofcourse you're cod games:)
If you can avord it to AFK one of our servers some nights when sleeping it would
be alot apreciated as well:)

Try to keep up with the forums and enjoy the ride!

Greets tekoss

Ma kid is gone to the in-laws next week, day of Superbowl actually but I plan on getting very drunk as the Packers roll over the Steelers lol.
Get in the server next week so I can pwn you in your fat face some, yeah thats how I roll... :-*


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