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Name: FDR (Greg)
Which Server: hardcore
Ban Time: 06/27/11 10:30pm CT
Banned By: honestly don't know, cause no one typed a word to me. Only clan tagged player was nobs|dirtone
What You Were Doing:(Language, Disrespect, Racism, Cheating, Glitching, ect.) I'm very curious to find out myself. I have no idea.
Dispute Reason of Unban: I've played on this server approximately 50 times. That game I was playing well, good kill/death ratio, had deaths; a few minutes into the game, I got 'player kicked'.  I received no typed message before being kicked. None whatsoever.  I'm asking to be unbanned.

I wasn't hacking, wasn't glitching, not using tube, etc (was playing with M4/deadsilence/stoppingpower/tripmines). Im 42, I hate hackers. I have my voice chat off, so I said nothing, and I typed nothing (I may have typed "gg" prior map), and so no swearing and no disrespect.

Besides playing fairly well, relatively speaking, if that was making an opponent frustrated, I have no idea why I was kicked.  Again, no player typed me a message; so I don't know who kicked me.  If they spoke something to me, I wouldn't have heard it, as I have voice shutoff, so I can hear footsteps, etc. I didn't see anyone spectating either.

Also, as I was dropped from the game with the screen 'player kick', and since no one typed me any messages during the game, I wondered if it was a system glitch. (more than once ive been dropped from games, with various message kick messages, joined back in the game and been told no one kicked me, or just for the reason, 'i was just screwing around with you'.)  So I joined the game again to see if, and/or why, I was kicked, and I was immediately kicked with a Permanent Ban... again, without a message typed. Of course, if I was told what I was doing wrong, I could have addressed, or stopped, doing it, at least know what was going on.

This was the game player list:


thank you

Yea this one is my bad. There was a hacker in the server but i kne i banned the wrong person, just didnt know who it was.

I'll fix it my bad man..



LOL -- Well that's a relief!  No problem, DirtOne, I appreciate the correction.  And certainly appreciate playing a server that actually has an admin in who can kick a hacker.  It's frustrating to go from one server with an obvious wall hacking machine gunner with Deep Penetration where no admin is around to kick them; and then go to another server that kicks me because they can't tell the difference between fundamental FPS skills and hacking.

Oh yea, almost forgot... when I got banned, I went to the game server list, clicked on " hardcore", clicked on Server Info, and based on that info, I went to this site first "". I tried to register on that site multiple times, and the registration isn't working.  The last post there is date June 17, 2011, so I naturally thought it was (semi) active.  Is that an active site?  Or an old one?  Either way, the registration isn't working. And people playing on ' hardcore' server (or get banned on it) will probably go to to join the clan, or otherwise post.  If that's an old site/forum, you guys setup a huge message link to the page.


--- Quote from: DirtOne on June 30, 2011, 09:09:27 PM ---Yea this one is my bad. There was a hacker in the server but i kne i banned the wrong person, just didnt know who it was.

I'll fix it my bad man..

--- End quote ---
I'm still permanently banned from the hardcore server.  You need any more info to unban me?


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