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Why I m banned? I play fair! i don t use cheats!! I even helped gohanix (i think it was gohanix) to adjust head shot sound (he was killing me (shot in head)lol ). I didn t do nothing but pitbuly is keep banning me (because I m from croatia)! I M NOT A DRINKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHY I M BANNED!!????

THIS IS GETTING BORING!!!!! >:( I wan t an explanation why did i get BANNED??!! >:( ???


--- Quote from: gren on April 04, 2008, 12:05:13 PM ---^2[drinkers]^4Mario
(VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90001: ^2[drinkers]^4Mario (slot #6) Violation (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90001 [(VALID)]
(MULTIHACK) #79429: ^2[drinkers]^4Mario (slot #17) Violation (MULTIHACK) #79429 [(VALID)]
(MULTIHACK) #79429: ^2[drinkers]^4Z@GY (slot #5) Violation (MULTIHACK) #79429 [(VALID)]
(MULTIHACK) #70466: ^2[drinkers]^4Mario (slot #13) Violation (MULTIHACK) #70466 [(VALID)]

all [drinkers] are banned!

--- End quote ---

this is gren's original ban post, and uhh as for pitbully's post

--- Quote from: Pitbully on August 13, 2008, 09:05:23 PM ---No you have a new ip ban incoming.  You dont even know your isp is giving you a new ip so dont tell me what you have and what you dont.  You dont have a clue.

--- End quote ---

your ip's kinda match

yea but gren was an idiot and didnt know wtf he was doing.. we agreed to not ban dark angel

Thx for unbban! Lol my nick name is not drinkers mario it is DarkAngel and you can see that go on   I m 17. on the list


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