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? why was i kicked/banned

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ok was playing on the nobs ranked server and after a match of ctf i was kicked for no aparent reason i wasn't told anything.

if im going to be kicked for something at least warn me if im doing something wrong as in the rules state shit talking is allowed into someone says stop!!

so can i please have a unban please ;)

Game? Time playing? Were any admins online? Server?

well there wasnt a NoBs on the server so not sure who it was thirsty was in there earlier. and then he left and server was full so i thought maybe they were making a spot for themselves and tried to rejoin and  was temporary banned .shoot im a retardo i posted this at 620 or so so about 6


Might of been me, I was trying to ban a player in a slot
Not saying it was me but might of been, even tho the player I was banning was gone when i went back in
If it was me sorry it was an accident and will be fixed ASAP ok....


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