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Which Server: NoBs Hospital Server
Ban Time: Aprox. 12:45 est
Banned By: I believe it was Storm
What You Were Doing:(Language, Disrespect, Racism, Cheating, Glitching, ect.): I was accused of hacking.
Dispute Reason of Unban: Never hacked and have made sure my SS are not black in order to avoid these types of situations. The ban was placed without any sort of investigation into my history or SS I am sure. I am a "sound whore" to the point that I absolutely hate TS and/or Ventrilo unless in comps.  I would like to be able to speak to someone in person about this issue though. I really enjoy the games I have played with you all and would love to continue the fun. Nice clean and fast server with what seems like a clean bunch of guys(and girls if it applies).

Thanks for your consideration

No Response? :-\

you was not banned here.. you have the wrong nobs clan. because this nobs dont have any servers running at the moment that i know of and no admins named "Storm"  sorry

hmmm banned while servers are down by an unknown admin  :o


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