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My humble apologies. Technical problems


Hi, my name is FlyBoyJim, also a respected member of the [25ID] clan.  A couple of weeks ago I was in your server. At the time I had just purchased my first ever gaming mouse. I was unfamliar with it. In game I tried to make some adjustments and ended up binding the wrong buttons to the ingame control keys. As a result I ended up shooting and killing a teammate 2 rounds in a row leading everyone to believe I was an idiot and rightfully so. I felt horrible and it was a surprise to me to have everything go so wrong.

I am writing you to apologize for that day and to reasure you that I respect this game and all the rules no matter what server I am in.  I am known in the AA3 world as a respectful , team player, getting along with everyone. I wish to be able to participate on your server in the future. I'll leave it to your good judgment as to whether the "FlyBoyJim" ban should remain. Thankyou for your time.

wrong clan :/


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